Tomorrow’s generations deserve a green environment which is why SMLC believes that we should lead not only in the market place but in society.

Protecting our employees, the environment and the community where we operate become therefore a priority. To stay true to this commitment, SMLC embarked on a journey to protect the earth's natural resources through more efficient use of water, energy and packaging materials. 

SMLC uses environmental friendly packages. One of its major businesses is the returnable glass bottles which. in its nature, reduces the number of glass bottles used by washing and reusing the bottles several times. Moreover, cans and plastic packages are fully recyclable.

A lot of awareness and investment have been made to conserve the environment, which resulted in SMLC receiving in 2014 the Performance with Purpose award from PepsiCo International which recognizes the outstanding efforts made to reduce our water and energy usage for the past few years. 

As part of giving back to the community, SMLC engaged itself with a number of initiatives which include the “Arc-en-Ciel” initiative to help people with special needs to acquire walking aids. As part of the process, SMLC gives all its plastic and carton waste to the “arc-en-ciel” corporation which in return recycles it and sells it. The profit made from recycling is used to produce wheelchairs, walkers and other walking aids for people. People are our main resource; we are to preserve them and help them.

In addition, throughout the years SMLC developped many partnerships with various NGOs.

Social Responsibility